Survival: Part One.   9 comments

Survival: Part One.


Now, if, as I believe the EU does implode things could get very nasty very quickly.

One wonders whether a run on the banks or a run on the supermarkets would be the bet of choice, for me, I wouldn’t put my money on either one! But, fortunately you don’t have to!

Each time you shop buy a little extra, in fact as much as you can, pasta, rice, all tinned goods. Buy the cheapest on offer, don’t worry about you won’t like it, believe me when you are hungry you will eat anything!

Put cash away, not in a bank! Under the mattress! Get lots of cheap candles, night lights things that. If you look carefully you will find a portable camping burner that will burn wood, coal, in fact almost anything, and this will enable you to cook and be warm. And remember burning wood keeps you warm three times, chopping it, carrying it and burning it!

If you need help finding one, ask and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Find a good (or make one) storage place for potatoes then, go directly to a farm shop and buy a huge sack of them.

You need to consider family as well and possibly either doing it as a unit or being prepared to feed the younger ones who won’t be doing any of this.

Also, get some water purification tablets, Boots do them.

Make sure you have enough medication if you need medication, you can stock up from the internet if necessary.  Don’t believe what they tell about buying medications off the internet, it’s tosh! Internet medication retailers are canny folk they want your business there are huge profits to be made, it’s  in their interest to provide the highest quality available, they want you  coming back time and time again, if they bump you off with the first delivery, they only profit from you once and that is NOT in their interest! It’s all a game, look how far pharmacies go to get your business, going to the surgery for getting your script, filling it, it’s big money for them, they don’t want you going elsewhere and giving others your business that’s why the spread nasty little rumours about so and so who bought such and such and it did this and that, it’s all, to quote my learned friend “bollocks”


Think about being able to survive without going to the shops for about a month, the things should have settled down a bit.


For me, I wouldn’t worry too much about spending a little more  on the credit card as, I believe that all “debts “apart from mortgages, will be “off “when this fiasco comes crashing down, but think carefully and make that decision for yourselves, it’s  just my opinion.

Part two later.

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9 responses to “Survival: Part One.

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  1. Thank you kfc!

    I have stuffed every nook and cranny with cans and packets etc. I have enough food to last about 12-18 months, apart from the obvious, fruit and veg and such. The money is still in the building society and bank but that will come out in due course.

    I would like to know more about the portable camping burner, please.

  2. PS: It’s all doom and gloom on the Debt Crisis – live, on the Telegraph web.

  3. Many thanks kfc, looks great, have bookmarked it and will also send the link to my 2 sons!

  4. Hi KFC

    There is a new post from Frank Schäffler. Shall I post it here? – (then you can delete it and do what you like with it! )

    • Hi Gem, yes please that would be great. By the way, I don’t mean to pry but, are you South African by any chance? Regards Graham


        After the decision of around 200 meetings of the membership, I want to thank everyone who contributed to their success. This includes many local, regional and district organizations that have cost much time and money. This shows that the FDP is a party of its membership and it retains a genuine culture of discussion. Regardless of the outcome of the vote, it is a victory for the democracy that lives within our party, and sets an example to all the others.

        At this point, I wish to say thankyou to those who stood for Plan B. They have wrestled with much effort and campaigned with us energetically. It is the result of party democracy that they have won the day amongst our membership.

        With the end phase being so emotional we must remember that we must stand together for the FDP. We must continue our efforts to keep the democracy alive in our party.

        V. rough translation; sorry if I got anything wrong. The tenor is upbeat, but he did lose the vote. Right Paddock thinks he wants another, but I cannot see any further use in stirring this again just now. Gemz (the one that speaks German too).

      • Thanks Gem Regards G

  5. Good morning , Graham.

    Right Paddock (= Paddy) asked for a translation of this Handelsblatt interview. It says nothing that was not said before, but since I have done it, I thought it would not do you any harm to see what was going on with Schaffler.

    He first discusses the referendum and how the FDP organization has the entire apparatus of emails and so on behind them whilst implying that he has not. He also wants to understand this better for the next occasion.

    Yesterday Christian Linden has delivered with the referendum has not brought enough activity and the government [of the FDP] will not take this up. He is hopeful that many FDP members will engage in this in order that the FDP remains at source a democratic party.

    He has a blog which I translated yesterday, and will include at the end of this message.

    Comments: – a few taken in no particular order and without preference. Some are revealing.

    “How can these elites let FDP fall when it is lighter than air?”

    “The FDP must realize at last that it is in no position for these kindergarten games. They should just go back to their proper jobs.”

    “Rossler as the one who buries the FDP? That is my opinion.

    “It began with Westervalle” [The Rostock conference, where he was deposed as leader]

    “The FDP doesn’t do it any more and cannot. They have no competent personnel in position. How can we trust Rossler, who daily says that he has no idea. Incompetent. Bruderle has no interest either.

    The FDP is misused by its leadership, without a clear vision the the referendum has spoken. Schaffler and the counter-euros have now a real chance to form a genuinely new party. Apart from the Left in Berlin who are for more and more euro-saving-funds. The German Mittelstand* voter is truly euro sceptic, it is a big chance for Schaffler and those who fight with him for 2013.”

    [*Mittelstand = coarsely, upper-middle class employer types with their own businesses, on the whole – the sensible conservative types if you get me. They are far more liberal in Europe however].

    My own take on this is that Rossler is not doing very well, and Schaeffler would do better to keep the FDP together instead of dividing it. Cameron is equally vague and is losing a lot of his votes to UKIP who will simply sink the Conservatives in an election because they will split the vote – with first past the post voting that is suicidal. Then you swing back to Labour who have fewer ideas than the Conservatives.

    Time to sink a few banks: let’s start with Commerzbank and RBS. When the dust settles, there might be something worthwhile left to sell to the highest (European) bidder.

    Note to my last comment (the translation from his blog) – Please note his thanking those who stood against him: it shows a respect that in UK politics is almost totally lacking. Indeed the Dutch socialist party put up thankyou posters after an election – have you ever seen the like in the UK? (Yes, the money did come from their government-paid party campaign fund – but that they chose to use part of this for the purpose of saying thankyou speaks volumes in my book. For me it worked if only that I have remembered it for next time).

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