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Survival: Part One.   9 comments

Survival: Part One.


Now, if, as I believe the EU does implode things could get very nasty very quickly.

One wonders whether a run on the banks or a run on the supermarkets would be the bet of choice, for me, I wouldn’t put my money on either one! But, fortunately you don’t have to!

Each time you shop buy a little extra, in fact as much as you can, pasta, rice, all tinned goods. Buy the cheapest on offer, don’t worry about you won’t like it, believe me when you are hungry you will eat anything!

Put cash away, not in a bank! Under the mattress! Get lots of cheap candles, night lights things that. If you look carefully you will find a portable camping burner that will burn wood, coal, in fact almost anything, and this will enable you to cook and be warm. And remember burning wood keeps you warm three times, chopping it, carrying it and burning it!

If you need help finding one, ask and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Find a good (or make one) storage place for potatoes then, go directly to a farm shop and buy a huge sack of them.

You need to consider family as well and possibly either doing it as a unit or being prepared to feed the younger ones who won’t be doing any of this.

Also, get some water purification tablets, Boots do them.

Make sure you have enough medication if you need medication, you can stock up from the internet if necessary.  Don’t believe what they tell about buying medications off the internet, it’s tosh! Internet medication retailers are canny folk they want your business there are huge profits to be made, it’s  in their interest to provide the highest quality available, they want you  coming back time and time again, if they bump you off with the first delivery, they only profit from you once and that is NOT in their interest! It’s all a game, look how far pharmacies go to get your business, going to the surgery for getting your script, filling it, it’s big money for them, they don’t want you going elsewhere and giving others your business that’s why the spread nasty little rumours about so and so who bought such and such and it did this and that, it’s all, to quote my learned friend “bollocks”


Think about being able to survive without going to the shops for about a month, the things should have settled down a bit.


For me, I wouldn’t worry too much about spending a little more  on the credit card as, I believe that all “debts “apart from mortgages, will be “off “when this fiasco comes crashing down, but think carefully and make that decision for yourselves, it’s  just my opinion.

Part two later.

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A Vision for The Future, You Decide…   3 comments

In times to come, we will look back at this period in time, and I think it will be known as “The Great Correction.

The powers that be must, in their own minds and private conversations know just exactly how bad things are going to get, they obviously cannot make that knowledge public for fear of what that might bring about.

As the European Union continues to decline and implosion stares everybody in the face, there will a number of changes that will happen quite quickly, firstly there will be a rush to sell property, so much so that prices will drop in unimaginable amounts, in some cases as much as £100,000 in one go, people will be desperate to leave the country if they possibly can.

Next, jobs will be shed at alarming rates, there will be runs on banks, and food will disappear from supermarket shelves. Petrol, well you can imagine, prices will go through the roof, and I could easily see £10, maybe £15 or more a litre.

Social unrest will make life very difficult and make common theft commonplace with the authorities being helpless to act to prevent it.

There is however an upside to all this but, it is going to take a leap of faith for some people to take this on board.


Firstly:  The Elite and Powerful will lose everything, some possibly their lives, I could well imagine somebody stringing up Barosso or Van Rumpuy or any of the others involved!

Their “gold plated” pensions will be worthless, as unfortunately so will everybody else’s..  but, we will as nation start to function again, we will build communities again, we will barter, learn how to get along with each other, something that we have forgotten how to.


Work will change unimaginably too, people will no longer be able to get in their cars, hop on a train and travel great distances to work, they will either work from home or work locally, this will bring immense benefits to the communities, hard to see now, but they will. Pollution will drop dramatically, the air will be cleaner, and it will be much quieter.

Stress level will drop dramatically as will depression and other mentally related illnesses.


Gone will be all the greed and avarice that has blighted our lives for a long time now. Banks, as we know them will be a thing of the past.

We need to start growing our own food again and re-establish manufacturing and restore the education system. Completely overhaul the NHS and the welfare state benefits systems, the police need the backup of the courts who, in turn need the backup of the prison service. The guilty need to know they are guilty and the innocent need to know that the guilty will be punished. People need to be aware that there are consequences to their actions

The dead wood in the civil service needs pruning as do all the quangos. Pensions for the public sector need to be in line with the salaries earnt.

We need to re-educate the feckless and profligate and reward the prudent, allow those who work and save all their lives to enjoy the fruits of their labours.

A complete overhaul of the tax system, we could all pay less tax if our Government didn’t give away our money to other countries.

And one thing we desperately need, a written constitution to make sure incompetent and self-serving greedy politicians can NEVER abuse their electorate in the same way again.

Local communities will elect those that they know and trust to rule over them on matters that affect the community as a whole.

Hopefully, but again I am not holding my breath; people will begin to live by a different code, perhaps on the lines of “Do unto others as you would be done by”?

Who knows?

This is a new beginning, and one we should all embrace heartily.

But, for me I say: Bring it on!

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